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I teach an online course on Coordination of School Library Media Services and Programs via the Rutgers University/SCILS/PDS program.


Course Description:

An introduction to the

  • functions and services of the 21st century K-12 school library and the
  • roles and responsibilities of the building-level school librarian.



This course is designed to help new/prospective school librarians acquire a solid foundation of pragmatic knowledge that help them develop and manage an effective K-12 LMC program. Topics addressed in this course include:

  • the library media center as both a physical place and educational institution;
  • organization and coordination of library media programs, resources and instruction to develop information literacy skills for K-12 students;
  • strategies for promoting library use and support within the school and community;
  • standards and policies at the local, state and national levels;
  • professional resources and organizations for library media specialists.



"A school library does not have to change its name to embrace new materials and new uses of all types of materials

any more than a school has to call itself by some other name to indicate that it is a continuously growing social institution.

Services, not words, portray the image of the school library."

-- Frances Henne in AASL's Standards for School Library Programs. Chicago, ALA, 1960.





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